How to Save Energy with Wattics Platform


Wattics is a comprehensive and innovative cloud-based energy management system that helps and enables energy professionals and facility managers to audit and monitor their facilities energy consumption and achieve 10 - 20% energy saving without installing any extra energy saving solutions or retrofits 


How To Start Saving :


Step 1 : Install and Setup Wattics platform 

§  Collect and gather all energy data into the wattics platform.

§  Receive all parameters of energy data including active power, apparent, power factor, reactive power, voltage, L-L voltage, current for each phase.

§  Visualize and manage meter data in real-time.


Step 2: Analyze Energy Data

§  Our Energy Managers analyze and Comply energy data with energy and climate policies, legislation and certifications. 

§  Stack, spline, column, pie charts.

§  Daily, monthly, weekly, yearly, period views.

§  Compare and measure every and each parameter with facility layouts and zones. 

§  Set your Supplier tariff and calculate costs for every floor, zone and square meter.

Step 3: Start Saving Money 

§  Get notified of abnormal energy consumption to specific systems, equipment and areas. 

§  Get alerts when consumption exceeds expectations. 

§  Discover the hidden and unwanted energy consuming areas, floors and rooms. 

§  Discover unusual daily and monthly energy consumption activities. 

§  Detect deficiencies and implement required and quick actions to sites.


Step 4: Measure and verify Savings

§  Easy to compare BEFORE and AFTER

§  Effective tool to verify impact of your energy conservation measure

§  Identify correlation between energy and other business metrics, e.g. production data.

§  Track saving achieved in money and kWh

§  Benefit from customized reports sent to your management and facilities owners. 


More benefits from using our platform:   

§  Engage Consumers:  

With a great user experience and machine learning software to change consumer behavior.

§  Bespoke Reporting and Visualization:

Comprehensive and different Reports and Dashboards to different levels of management and divisions like: Accounting, financial, engineering and key decisions.


§  Reduce engineering time to analyze data  

Through specialized tools for real time energy performance analysis, measurement and verification


§  Reduce operation time and cost to collect energy data

Through automatic tools for real time metering and monitoring energy consumption.


§  Detect Saving Opportunities 

Through operational costs analysis, automate KPIs and dashboards. 

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